20 Orchid Garden Street, Belmopan City, Cayo Disctrict, Belize

National Ladies Conference

Every woman attending our conferences has the opportunity to build her life on the only mighty rock, which is Jesus Christ. Spiritual growth, healing, the transformation of the mind, and the restoration of lives are our main objectives.

We know that it is only God who transforms lives, therefore our prayers always seek God’s approval and blessing in each of our conferences.


Every morning during our Women’s Conference we encourage each woman to enjoy time alone with God through our personal devotional, the Quiet Time. We consider this time to be essential because it is how God speaks to us through His Word, and how He transforms our lives.

During our Women’s Conference, we invest time in prayer. These times help us to unload our burdens and surrender to God, who listens to and strengthens us.


The Women’s Conference also allows women to meet other women from across the country, have fun, build relationships, share their testimonies, pray together, share ministry ideas, receive biblical counseling, and so much more.

The workshops are designed to remind us of the value that we have as women, build up our self-esteem, help us grow spiritually, learn to manage stress and anxiety, use our creativity, discover new talents, have fun, and step out of our everyday routine.

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